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Stories full of romance, friendship and small-town community....

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The Cornish Bakery book
The Cornish Bakery book 2nd Edition
The Wagging Tails Dogs' Home book
The Seaside Ice-Cream Parlour book
Christmas at Corner Cottage book

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Book One - The Wagging Tails Dogs' Home

The Wagging Tails Dogs' Home book

Life could not be busier for Ginny and the team at Wagging Tails.

The annual dog show is looming, a crucial event when it comes to fundraising and ensuring the volunteers can continue the brilliant work they do.

But their trusted newspaper reporter, who always includes them in his weekly column, is retiring, only to be replaced with a city-slicker named Darryl. And Darryl, as Ginny soon learns, has no interest in articles he deems 'below him'.

Not one to take no as an answer, Ginny becomes determined to get him to meet the dogs themselves. One look at their cute faces and they'll worm their way into his heart.

But what Ginny doesn't anticipate is that Darryl might be more open-hearted than he seems. And inviting him to the dogs' home might be the best decision she ever made – even if she doesn't realise it at first!

'A delightfully uplifting, cosy romance to escape with. Cornwall beaches, friendship, community, love and dogs - what's not to love about all of that? It left me with a big smile on my face and joy in my heart. Wooftastic!' Kim Nash, author of Hopeful Hearts at the Cornish Cove

‘An uplifting tale for dog-lovers everywhere... Full of warmth, humour and heart.’ Gillian Harvey, author of A Year at the French Farmhouse

Book Two - Chasing Dreams at Wagging Tails

Chasing Dreams at Wagging Tails book

The Cornish sea air, old friends, and cuddles with a cute pup...

Sometimes you're just where you need to be...

After a difficult break-up, Poppy is keen to put the past behind her and what’s better than some relaxing time with her aunt in the picturesque Cornish village of West Par?

But life at her aunt Flora’s Dogs’ Home is anything but relaxing. When a poor little pup is stranded at the gates, Poppy takes them for a check up at the local vet, hoping against hope they'll be fine.

And there she meets Mack: the vet who is so charming and experienced with the dogs, but selfish and – dare she say it – money-grabbing with his clients.

But underneath that cold exterior, she's sure there's more to the story. If only she could convince him to open up. Because without him, the future of Wagging Tails isn't so assured...

Book Three - A Fresh Start at Wagging Tails

A Fresh Start at Wagging Tails book

There’s no place like home…

Although dog trainer Sally is relatively new to Wagging Tails, the team she works with have quickly become her family and the dogs her friends.

But when Andy, the one that got away, turns up for a brief respite from the city, she is at a crossroads. As tempting as a life with him is, she loves her home of West Par, and anyway, she has responsibilities here.

Number one on that list is ensuring the dogs' home stays in business. A developer has been sniffing around wanting to buy the land, and the team is worried.

Sally will do anything to save her home and her friends’ livelihoods but the lure of reuniting with her lost love is strong. Is there a way for her to have both?

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A heartwarming series of 19 books and counting...

The Cornish Bakery book
The Cornish Bakery book 2nd Edition

Come & join us in beautiful Penworth Bay, Cornwall

Volunteer at The Cornish Bay Bakery in exchange for a cosy room

with views across the bay, new friends and the chance to explore the magical Cornish coast.

In need of a change to your pace of life?

Want to escape the pressures of work?

Then contact Elsie today!

Let Sarah Hope’s bestselling series envelope you and draw you into beautiful Penworth Bay.


Experience the close-knit community and the quirks of the characters who work in this homely Cornish bakery.


Follow the women who answer Elsie’s advert and travel to Cornwall for a holiday not realising how much this short break will change their lives for the better.

♥Packed full of romance, friendship and plenty of heart-warming moments, jump into this series which promises to warm your heart. 

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Four books already out of this six book series...

The Little Beach Cafe book

Love, friendship and new beginnings… It’s all waiting for Pippa Jenkins at The Little Beach Café…

When Pippa’s aunt leaves her a cafe by the beach, it doesn’t take her long to jump at the chance of a new start. Waving goodbye to mounting debt, threatening bailiffs and never-ending shifts at a job she hates, she and her young son, Joshua, prepare for their new life. 

But as Pippa strives to make her new business a success, the arrival of her ex makes her question everything.


Will she succumb to his charms, or will Joe, the local plumber, be able to repair Pippa’s heart?

The Seaside Ice Cream Parlour book

When Jenny has the chance to leave her days of sofa surfing behind and move to the beach to run her best friend’s ice cream parlour, she jumps at the opportunity. 

With no relevant experience, she’s certainly kept busy with learning new skills to manage the ice cream parlour at the same time as juggling motherhood and trying to settle into their new home.

But when Nick, her best friend’s ex, comes into her life, ill feelings quickly turn to friendship, leaving them both wanting more.

Can Jenny put her feelings aside or will truths be told that might change her mind about her and Nick’s future?

Christmas at Corner Cottage book

Cosy up with this heartwarming Christmas romance filled with hope, love and new opportunities…

When Chrissy Marsden moves her children and menagerie of pets into Corner Cottage, she hopes to put her divorce behind her and have the fresh start she’s been longing for. 

Just as she feels she is finally getting her life back on track, with a chance encounter at the school gates re-igniting her passion for sewing, a surprise pregnancy throws everything into turmoil. 

When she is asked to alter a wedding dress, she realises her hobby could become something she could turn into a real career, and an invite to a client’s wedding could be all she needs to bring romance back into her life.

But will she be able to find someone who can accept her as she is?

Bramble Patch Craft Shop book

Escape into a world of fresh starts, new friends and the opportunity for love…

When Molly Wilson and her two children are forced to leave their old lives behind, will a small rundown shop in the middle of Payton-On-The-Water, a quiet village in the English countryside, offer the fresh start they need?

Desperate to immerse herself and her family into village life, Molly begins to host regular Knit and Natter meetups, but she fears she is taking on too much and the reality that she is totally alone is ever present.

Between difficult dealings with the local law enforcement, Officer Duffey, and trying to settle her two homesick children into a new way of life, Molly has enough on her hands.


So when a late night incident with a flat tyre brings Officer Duffey on the scene, she doesn’t know if he will help or hinder her rescue. Is there more to Officer Duffey than his spikey exterior?

Berry Grove Bed & Breakfast book

Love, second chances and new beginnings…

When Kim Reynolds learns how unhappy her daughter is, she realises the perfect remedy is a completely fresh start.

Giving up the corporate job she’s worked towards her entire life, Kim is determined to make Berry Grove Bed & Breakfast a success, but more importantly, she’s determined to support her daughter Mia as she settles into her new life.

But when Danny, Kim’s childhood sweetheart, turns up, buried feelings and a complicated secret threaten to jeopardise their newly discovered peaceful lifestyle.

Can the two people Kim loves most in the world understand and forgive her for keeping them apart?

The Flower Shop on Serendipity Lane book

Take a stroll down Serendipity Lane, breathe in the beautiful fragrances of the flowers and see if you can spot the love in the air…

After years of juggling long hours at work, studying for her dream vocation and struggling for money, Sadie realises it’s finally time for change.

Following her dream to become a florist, Sadie Locke moves her two daughters, Lily and Poppy, into The Flower Shop on Serendipity Lane.

But on discovering that her ex-husband’s friend and divorce solicitor, Alex Marshal, works next door, Sadie feels her hopes of a fresh start quickly slipping away.

And when they’re pushed together at a mutual friend’s wedding, will Sadie and Alex be able to rekindle a lost friendship or realise too much has come between them?


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